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Top 5 Herbs and Spices to Lose Weight

Losing weight can be challenging. Is your digestive system not processing food effectively? Is your metabolism slow after every holiday and cannot utilize the energy from your food? Do you get tired easily?

If I told you that there is a way you can support these vital body processes and stop struggling to count your calories you will probably be shocked.

Here is why you should implement these 5 essential herbs and spices that can help accelerate your body’s natural ability to eliminate fat safely and effectively and therefore support your weight loss goals.

  •  Reduce appetite, making you feel full for longer
  •  Boost your digestive system to help your body effectively break down fat
  •  Speed up your metabolism to increase your energy
  •  Cleanse your liver, your most vital detoxifying organ
  •  Turn excess fat into energy
  •  Reach your weight-loss goals faster


This culinary known spice is an excellent choice for balancing blood sugar which can suppress the appetite and make you feel full for longer. It contains a compound called cinnamaldehyde, which is responsible for cinnamon’s medicinal properties.

Cinnamon not only helps you burn the excess fat collected in the body, but also prevents its further accumulation. It increases your body heat thereby speeds up the metabolism and help you use fat for energy.

  • TIP: Sprinkle some on your apple or add some to your morning coffee!


While many gardeners consider dandelion a pesky weed it is actually one of nature’s top healing herbs especially when it comes to cleansing your liver. The liver not only detoxifies our blood, but also produces the bile needed to digest fat and store essential vitamins and minerals.

Packed with calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, iron and potassium, dandelion is a digestive aid that supports your optimal liver functions, enhances fat metabolism and aids weight loss.

  • TIP: Make a tea infusion using the leaves or roots of dandelion and enjoy its mildly bitter taste!


Used for thousands of years in India as a spice and a medicine, turmeric is among the most powerful herbs with a wide range of health benefits.

Turmeric is an effective anti-depressant, aids in digestion, and helps with cleansing the liver, our most vital detoxifying organ.

It contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory effect that can boost your metabolism and help utilize the energy we have absorbed from food during digestion.

  • TIP: This golden spice with sharp aroma is a great addition to soups, roasted veggies or nuts.


Cayenne is a warming spice, that similar to turmeric, raises body temperature and assists in boosting your metabolism. By generating so much internal heat, cayenne pepper triggers fat burn that leads to weight loss.

The active ingredient in it is called capsaicin, which gives its medicinal properties. The hot pepper has been shown to reduce appetite which may result in consuming fewer calories.

  • TIP: Sprinkle ground cayenne on roasted nuts or add in soups or dips for an extra kick.


Packed in dietary fiber and essential vitamins and minerals, ginger is a true nutrition powerhouse. One of the active substances that bring ginger its healing qualities is gingerol.

Gingerous is the oily resin from the root that acts as a highly potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent.

Ginger has the ability to improve digestion and speed up metabolism which helps the body to increase energy by burning up stored fat.

  • TIP: Add a slice of ginger root to your homemade vegetable juice recipe!

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