Our Story

About Balance With Herbs

We are innovators that believe in the power and simplicity of nature to soothe and protect the body and heal mindset. This powerhouse as a whole is the key to a balanced life you love.

Nature’s Ingredients

We seek out the most effective and fresh natural ingredients across the globe, completely free of all synthetic preservatives, toxins and potentially harmful chemicals. Our products are 100% natural, plant based and cruelty-free.

Healing Formulas

We love using herbs as the base of our products and every ingredient we add has a specific purpose that delivers targeted results. Our focus is simple and pure ingredients - botanicals, carrier oils, essential oils, and natural additives such as clay, sea salt and honey. They help us deliver the finest healing products that will nourish your body and lift your spirit.

Crafted With Care

Every product is crafted with care and hand blend in small batches in Austin. We receive ingredients from around the world, we batch the products, we bottle them, we label them, package them and ship them out right to your door.

Begin your path to healing with millions of people who choose to naturally heal their body, mind, spirit and emotions, because that is the best way to ENRICH our LIVES!