Meet Maggie

My Story

Hi! My name is Maggie and my goal is to bring confidence, knowledge and health to as many people as I can. In the next few paragraphs I will tell you my story and my true inspiration to take the step and make positive change in my life.

Love for Nature

I grew up in a small city high in the mountains of Bulgaria and quickly developed love for nature. The abundance, the rich wild life and endless woods were so precious to me. They still are. Being surrounded by true beauty is incomparable.

With four full seasons I was grateful and appreciative to everything that grew during the year. Herbs, fruits and vegetables were not available to us all year around. And I loved this. I love eating seasonal foods, but I love even more to go pick them myself… from the wild… connect with nature and show appreciation to what was provided to me and my family.

Picking my own berries and making delicious jam, climbing on trees to get that perfect red apple or waiting for a strong rain to pick up mushrooms the next day for mom to cook. Priceless.

Food As Medicine

I believe that food is medicine and we don't need anything else but just what grows and comes naturally. And I want to share this message with all my family and friends and spread the word for what we need to preserve from the past and what is actually important to us.

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” - Hippocrates

My Great Inspiration

You will be surprised how tolerant we've became to harmful chemicals and ingredients, and even more surprised of the impact constant accumulation of bad substances has on our well-being.

And this, my friends, serves me as my great inspiration to start something old… to take a piece of the history and teach generations that we need to maximize the use of what nature provides for us, that health is a relationship between our body and mind.

Yes, being healthy isn’t just about your body – it is about your spirit, too. Being part of this adventure, every day I feel stronger and healthier, and happier. I am proud I found the courage and desire to make a change in my life. I believe that you can also take that first step and achieve things that may seem impossible now!

Let’s walk together on this health journey!