How To Make Blueberry Protein Smoothie

Did you know the number 1 New Year’s resolution is to start working out?

Well we’re almost 3 weeks in to the New Year and hopefully you are still going strong because below I have an absolutely fantastic recipe for my blueberry smoothie that is packed with protein. It’s perfect for your post-workout recovery!

Whether you’re just starting to hit the gym and want to reduce that pain in your sore muscles or you’re a seasoned rat looking for a new tasty recipe, I have just what you need!


Blueberries are one of the best things you can eat for quick recovery after your workout. They contain stress-reducing and cell-defending purple pigments that can accelerate muscle repair. Their high antioxidant activity can help to scavenge destructive free radicals and maintain healthy tissue. This helps you build stronger and healthier body.

Spinach is a super-versatile nutrient powerhouse that has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant abilities! Due to the high levels of nitrate, spinach can help you increase your physical fitness and build muscle strength. It is like a fuel additive for your muscles – it makes them run much more smoothly and efficiently.

Avocados are especially loaded with potassium which makes them the perfect pre and post-workout snacks. Having the highest protein and lowest sugar content of any fruit, avocados offer a unique balance to building lean muscle mass and burning fat. Loaded with fiber, avocados facilitate proper bowel regularity and maintain proper weight control.

Chia seeds are protein packed wonders. Two tablespoons of chia contains around 5 grams of plant based protein and 11 grams of fiber. They are easily digested when prepared properly and versatile.

By adding a serving of chia seeds in your smoothie you can help boost your metabolism, gain strength, energy and endurance! Chia seeds support the digestive system and build stronger bones and muscles.

Almonds are loaded with antioxidants and vitamin E which protect against damaging free radicals that your body produces during intensive exercise. Also packed with healthy fats, protein and dietary fiber, almonds are known to support weight loss and build strong muscles. A handful of almonds provide about 5 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber.

Maca root has been traditionally used by athletes to promote energy, increase stamina and enhance performance. Maca contains protein, amino acids, vitamins and minerals - all needed to fuel exercise and speed up recovery. In addition, its antioxidant activity may help reduce post-workout muscle soreness.

Coconut water is naturally packed with nutrients that help you re-hydrate and replenish your body with electrolytes improving athletic performance. There are also 2 grams of protein per cup, which helps in muscle recovery after workouts.

Blueberry Protein Smoothie Recipe

Total Time: 3 minutes     Serves: 1



½ cup frozen blueberries

½ cup spinach

½ avocado

1 tsp chia seeds

Handful of almonds

1 tsp maca powder

1 scoop protein powder

1 coconut water


1.  Place all ingredients in your blender and blend until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed

2.  Pour smoothie into your favorite glass and enjoy!

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