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Scientific name: Rosmarinus officinalis

Parts used: Leaf

Origin: Mediterranean region

Charmingly fragrant, the Rosemary herb is stimulating and rejuvenating for the skin, which help restore elasticity, making skin firm and supple. The powerful antioxidants can diminish the skin-damaging effects of free radicals and contain anti-aging properties. Its astringent qualities can help tone, tighten the skin, and shrink pores.

Rosemary promotes healing by stimulating blood flow to the skin, removing dirt and toxins from the surface. With its powerful disinfectant and antibiotic properties, it can help treat acne when naturally reduces excess oil and gives skin healthy, even glow.

Beneficial for hair, Rosemary has been used to treat and prevent baldness. It stimulates blood flow and increase scalp circulation, which can encourage healthy hair growth. It is also great home remedy for treating dandruff, itchiness, and scalp irritation. A Rosemary rinse can darken hair, making it soft, shiny and smooth.

Emotionally, Rosemary is an excellent mental stimulant that boosts focus, concentration, memory and mental awareness. Drinking a cup of tea from this ancient herb calms the mind and lifts the spirits. It is also a great remedy for depression.

Remedy For:

Acne, Aged Skin, Allergies, Baldness, Circulatory Issues, Dandruff, Oily Skin, Scalp Irritations

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