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Scientific name: Althea officinalis

Parts used: Leaf and root

Origin: Ancient Egyptian, Arab, Greek, and Roman cultures

Marshmallow, known scientifically as Althaea officinalis, is a plant with short roundish leaves and small pale flowers. Originally used medicinally by the Egyptians its usage was later adopted by the French. Today, it has a wide variety of medicinal uses. The plant is demulcent, healing and softening.

Marshmallow root is a wonderful skin healer. Its soothing effect can relieve minor pain and inflammation, and cure chapped skin due to cold. The root is especially useful for rosacea and dry-skin conditions. Great for ageing skin it can smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, even redness, heal scarring, and other small cuts present on the skin.

Additionally, its moisturizing properties can improve dry, brittle hair. Useful in shampoos and hair rinses, the root can repair weather-damaged or color-treated hair.

As a healing tea, Marshmallow can treat sore throats, coughs and bronchial inflammation and prevent further irritation.

Remedy For:

Brittle Hair, Bronchial Inflammation, Cuts, Coughs, Chapped Skin, Dry Skin, Pain, Redness, Rosacea, Scars, Sore Throat, Wrinkles

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