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Scientific name: Lavandula angustifolia

Parts used: Flowers

Origin: Coastal hills of the Mediterranean

Celebrated as a beautifully scented and soothing herb, Lavender has a very relaxing and herbaceous aroma used to treat many aliments such as headaches, anxiety, and other forms of emotional stress. With its sedative actions, it can soothe nervous system and acts as a mood buster.

The flowering tops of the plant can be used fresh or dried to make an infusion for use in creams, lotions, or as a facial toner. While the full and rich Lavender oil is wonderfully calming and uplifting. The oil works wonders in muscle rubs and ointments that address pain. It is one of the few essential oils that can be used neat without being diluted - you can apply it directly on the skin. Lavender is a key ingredient in many hair products due to its ability to promote hair growth. It can thicken and sooth the hair leaving it strong and healthy.

Lavender enhances the skin’s complexion through its antibacterial properties, which makes it one of the best remedies for healing cuts, burns, insect bites and sunburn. The herb is excellent for all types of skin problem, especially helpful for very sensitive and easy-irritated skin. It has anti-inflammatory and skin-regenerative properties that make it a wonderful treatment for acne-prone skin.

Remedy For:

Acne, Aged Skin, Anxiety, Baldness, Burns, Cuts, Dry Skin, Emotional Stress, Gas, Insomnia, Insect Bites, Muscle Pain, Sunburns, Wrinkles

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