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Scientific name: Symphytum officinale

Parts used: Leaf and root

Origin: Used since Roman times, dating back thousands of years

Comfrey is known as one of the best wound healing herbs. It has been used for hundreds of years as a universal salve for the various wounds of war and life in general. Salves from leaves and roots can heal bruises, inflammations, injuries to bones and joints, as well as reduce swelling and back pain. In fact, the name symphytum comes from the Greek meaning “to grow together” and Comfrey is believed to come from the Latin word confera, which means, “knitting together.”

Comfrey is also a very soothing, astringing, and toning treatment, with a reputation for promoting youthful looking skin. It contains allantoin, which stimulates the growth of new sells, contributing to skin renewal and health. The regenerating and protective benefits of Comfrey leaves are valuable to all skin types and conditions, especially dry and weather-damaged skin. Astringing and toning, it is also useful for ageing skin and can help diminish scars and wrinkles.

The herb must be used with caution when taken internally and never applied on open wounds.

Remedy For:

Back Pain, Bone and Joint Injuries, Bruises, Dry Skin, Inflammation, Scars, Swelling, Wounds, Wrinkles

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