Herbs have been used in the traditional oral health care for centuries. In combination with good basic dental care, the power of essential oils and herbal extracts can boost oral health, help strengthen gums and prevent plaque.

In addition, herbal dental products can relieve gum inflammation while helping to rebuild connective tissue and neutralize bad breath which makes them a key to maintaining healthy teeth and gums.


Some tooth cleaners in the market contain harsh abrasives, whiteners, detergents, or bleach that can cause harm to teeth over the long term. Making simple recipes at home can be much safer alternative to the commercial brand toothpastes.

The most basic toothpaste alternative is a simple tooth powder. Dry brushing is credited with several dental health and healing benefits including being a very effective bacterial plaque remover, reducing gum bleeding. You can use baking soda in combination with salt for a gentle yet abrasive clean.

Trace minerals and calcium magnesium powder aid in re-mineralization and strengthen the enamel of the teeth, while bentonite clay draws out the impurities and toxins. This not only makes teeth healthier and free of cavities but also naturally whiten them. To create a paste, simply add coconut oil that will also help fight bacteria and plaque.


Certain herbs have proven benefits in protecting the teeth and gums giving very quick results. For instance, sage cleanses the teeth, tightens gums and calms a sore mouth. Bad breath can be easily eliminated by using lavender water, neem or mint as an herbal mouthwash.

For toothaches and even small cavities, clove oil is probably the most effective medicine that is extremely rich in minerals such as calcium, iron, Vitamins A and C. Peppermint is a very strong disinfectant, reduces inflammation, and also increases blood circulation to carry off toxins and generally cleanse the mouth. Used daily as preventative medicine, myrrh oil heals and tightens gums, helps cure bleeding, and fights the bacteria that causes gum disease and tooth decay.

Also ingredients such as aloe vera, cinnamon and charcoal are powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial healers that can draw out toxins, reduce inflammation and naturally whiten the teeth.

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