Salves are such a simple, effective, and useful medicine. They are a convenient way to benefit from the healing power of herbs. Crafted for a wide variety of topical uses such as treating burns, bruises, cuts and infections, herbal salves are a must have item for every herbal medicine cabinet.


Depending on the herb you use, you can make salves to receive the desired benefits. Some salves have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that may prevent infection in minor scrapes and cuts. Others are excellent choice for soothing insect bites, rashes and dry skin. Stronger herbs like comfrey and arnica are even used for arthritis pain, swelling and fractured bones. These thickened ointments are inexpensive and safe homemade solution made of just pure botanicals.


Salves are usually a combination of beeswax and oil. The healing powers of medicinal herbs are infused into organic oils to create concentrated herbal salves. The nourishing oils penetrate to bring the healing and soothing properties of herbs deep into the tissues and the addition of beeswax offers protective and nourishing benefits. Other ingredients, such as essential oils, Vitamin E oil, aloe vera, and glycerin, are also often added to salves for their healing properties.

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