Rich in essential nutrients that optimally hydrate and nourish your skin and hair, a deep repairing mask is the most fundamental part of proper care. Natural, simple and very effective for anyone, cleansing masks can improve the overall health of your skin and hair. They can be used to moisturize, detoxify, increase circulation and replenish nutrients.


For Your Hair

A mask is a must if you are noticing signs of dryness and damage or your hair has recently been processed—colored, permed, or straightened. These processes can change the porosity of hair. Hair mask is essentially a very deep, long lasting conditioning, formulated to close down and nourish the cuticles on your hair, improving its texture.

This herbal treatment is specifically created to repair hair damage, impart shine, combat devitalized brittle hair and infuse instant hydration deeply into your hair shaft. An essential part of any hair repair strategy, hair masks should be used every week, and even more often for damaged hair. Only 15 minutes will give you the desired effect, leaving your hair smooth, soft and healthy.

One of the most beneficial treatments is the well-known “hot oil mask”. It consists of an herbal infused jojoba or olive oil in combination with essential oil blend. Simply massage the mixture into your scalp and hair and cover with shower cap followed by a warm hat or towel. This will allow the oil to warm up and activate for maximum benefits.

For Your Skin

The exposure to pollution and everyday adverse influences can clog the pores and cause a number of skin problems. Facial mask can bring moisture and hydration to dry and dehydrated skin types. The water from the mask penetrates deep into the skin epidermis to soften the skin and enhance its elasticity, making it look younger and radiant.

Using herbs and ingredients from your kitchen on regular bases as your mask can remove not only surface dirt and grime, but actually draw out impurities from beneath the top layers of the epidermis. Face masks are also designed to diminish pigmentation and give you more even skin tone and texture.


Basic mask can consist of any ingredient you use every day in your kitchen - from avocado, egg and milk to variety of different spices and herbs. There are natural masks for hydrating, soothing, purifying, clarifying, anti-aging and pigment issues. Along with those benefits one of the most important missions is to rejuvenate, calm and balance the skin and hair.

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