Similar to a tea but with a stronger nutritive and medicinal action, herbal infusions have been used for thousands of years. They are incredibly useful for providing the body with easy to assimilate nutrition. Infusions differ from tea, because the plant material is steeped for much longer period of time. This allows for all the medicinal constituents, including vitamins and minerals, to be liberated from the herb.

Infusions are made from the more delicate parts of the plant, including the leaves, flowers and aromatic parts. To create an herbal infusion, simply pour 2 cups of boiling water over 3 or more tablespoons of dried organic herbs and allow to infuse for several hours or overnight. Strain and store in cool place for up to a week. Herbal infusions are great way to make your favorite face toner, hair rinse, inhalation and even mouthwash.



A toner is meant to refresh, calm and rejuvenate the skin. More importantly, toner will help soothe, nourish and hydrate the skin while restoring its delicate pH balance. They can reduce the inflammation of the skin, providing it with antioxidant and anti-irritant agents. Applying a toner after cleansing can also simply feel nice and refreshing. Toners may not be a necessary part of your skin care routine, but you may find a few reasons to consider adding the skin care product into your regular regimen.

Most toners are water-based liquids that are composed of active ingredients – these ingredients vary and, in turn, offer varying effects. To make refreshing or healing toner use herbal water as your base and add a spoon of aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar or even your favorite essential oil – it’s that simple! Herbs make very soothing, aromatic toners. Use witch hazel for oily skin, rose for mature and chamomile for sensitive skin.

Hair Rinse

Using natural, homemade hair rinse is a perfect way to top off your hair cleansing routine. Herbal hair rinses can enhance the condition of your scalp, soften the hair, and add shine and subtle highlights. By choosing which herbs and other ingredients to add to your rinse, you can customize your herbal product to perfectly suit your needs.

For maximum effectiveness, catch your hair rinse in a bowl as you pour it over your hair. Then repeat the rinse several times. Add some apple cider vinegar for some shine or couple of drops of your favorite essential oil to increase effectiveness and for the aromatherapy benefits. Use chamomile for light hair, rosemary for dark and may be add a spoon or two of nettle for overall hair health.

Steam Inhalation

Steam inhalation is a method of introducing warm, moist air into the lungs via the nose & throat for therapeutic benefit. Essential oils are often added to provide additional relief. Ancient Egyptians recognized the good therapeutic effects of inhalation therapy through the use of public baths. Steam inhalation has since become a simple and effective home remedy for various health issues.

Inhaling steam is a great treatment for respiratory complications and is recommended for dealing with common cold, flu, bronchitis, sinusitis, asthma, and allergies. The moist air also alleviates difficulty breathing, throat irritation and inflammation. Reinforce it with an essential oil for additional relief and therapeutic benefit.

In addition, steam inhalation improves circulation which can also improve the skin’s appearance. It opens the pores so that sebum can flow naturally and remove impurities. Steam also loosens the dead skin cells on the skin allowing new cells to emerge. The result is a soft, youthful glow.

Mouth Wash

Making your own homemade mouth wash is inexpensive, easy and nontoxic remedy with many benefits. Combining herbs that are naturally cleansing and healing to the teeth and gums can be a great solution for your teeth. You can create a fresh feel while naturally killing germs and alkalizing the mouth.

Traditionally used for their natural antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties peppermint, cloves and rosemary can make a wonderful base for your homemade mouth rinse!

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