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Essential Guide To
Herbal Skin Care

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With over 50 of my hand selected homemade recipes, you will be able to live a healthier life, free from harmful, toxic products even known to cause cancer. You will be confident in knowing exactly what is in the products you and your family uses and happy with the money you will save every month.

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With Essential Guide To Herbal Skincareyou get:

Natural Beauty

By using our proven skincare products, you can restore your skin to its natural beauty and reverse the years of damage caused by commercially sold cosmetics.

Restored Confidence

Not only will you look great, you'll feel fabulous too! Your neighbors, friends, and family will be in awe when they see your new healthy and vibrant skin.

Time and Money

Get better results without wasting your hard earned money or an entire day at the spa. With your time freed up, you can finally start that garden!

Mimi L.Austin, TX                 

I am amazed with my results, and now both my daughters are using the recipes.”

I asked my doctor what I should do for my thin skin, and all she said was the exact same thing was happening to her! She had no solutions.

So I reached out to Balance With Herbs for answers. The owner, Maggie, explained that with the age my body started to produce less collagen which is crucial for cell rejuvenation and strength. She recommended several of her serums to boost the collagen production. One bottle later and I can physically see and feel a difference in the thickness of my skin!

And the scaring serum has worked wonders. In just a short amount of time the age spots and scars are almost invisible. I am amazed with my results, and now both my daughters are using the recipes. They have been applying them to their faces and have noticed that their fine lines are disappearing.

I can recommend her with certainty that you will be more than satisfied with her and her products!

Take A Look Inside...

Detailed Analysis Of Every Ingredient Used

"Know exactly what you are putting on your skin and how each contributes to your health"

There is no guesswork with my Essential Guide To Herbal Skincare. You're not just receiving my top recipes, but I share with you each of the ingredients origins, proper usage techniques, and their amazing healing properties. 

Perfect Skincare With Custom Solutions

With so many different skin types, there is not a one size fits all solution when it comes to skin care. That's why you get custom alternatives with each recipe to achieve optimal results.

  • Have sensitive skin? Not a problem. I'll show you all the steps to take to prevent irritation.
  • You will also discover the proper build techniques so you get it right the first time. (HINT: Most "experts" fail to provide this information)

Over 50 Recipes I Personally Use Every Day

This is my holy grail of 100% all natural herbal skincare recipes.

All of the information is condensed so anyone can easily use and understand it. There's no confusing terminology or pointless filler that you often find in those other books just so they can claim its 200 pages. Just the essential information you need. 

Irena A.Plovdiv, BG                 

Complete time saver!

I've watched all the YouTube videos and searched the internet to find some homemade solutions for my skin care needs. I've wasted several months trying different products and only to find out they don't work.

As soon as I found Essential Guide to Herbal Skincare, I knew I struck gold. It's filled with such great information and recipes that I can actually see results! I wish I found this sooner, it's a complete time saver!

Dave P.Ft. Worth, TX                 

Thank you Balance With Herbs!!

I bought Essential Guide For Herbal Skin Care for my wife and WOW, it's filled with amazing recipes. Not only does she use them everyday, but I too have found a new appreciation for a better, healthier, and more active lifestyle. Thank you Balance With Herbs!!

Jennifer T.Pensacola, FL                 

Perfect solutions I've always looked for!

I have fair skin and love going to the beach. But over the years, the sun has done a number to my skin. No matter what product I buy from the store, nothing seemed to help. That is until I discovered Essential Guide To Herbal Skin Care. I now have the perfect solutions that I've always looked for!

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"I'll put my reputation on the line. I guarantee you'll feel great, look amazing and love the results!"

About the Author

Hi. My name is Magdalena…

Growing up in a small city in the mountains of South Bulgaria, I quickly developed a love for the bounties of Mother Nature. The value of herbs to our lives and to our health cannot be overstated.

Since our ancestors first walked the earth, herbs have been the foundation and remedy to cure every disease and illness.

You will be surprised how tolerant we've became to harmful chemicals and ingredients, and even more surprised of the impact constant accumulation of bad substances has on our well-being.

Healing my own body, mind, spirit and emotions is a way to enrich my life and a natural extension of that is to share with others.