Balance With Herbs | 12 Fruits And Veggies You Must Buy Organic

Safe Eating Part 1: 12 Fruits And Veggies You Must Buy Organic

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Most people know buying organic is the way to go these days. But have you ever wondered if it’s okay to buy some fruits and veggies that are conventionally grown?

The short answer is, yes! There are some fruits and veggies that are safe to buy at the supermarket and will save you a few dollars in the process.

In part 1 of this 2 part blog we will cover 11 products that you absolutely must buy organic and in part 2 we will cover which are safe to purchase from the conventional section.

Here are the top 11 fruits and veggies you must buy organic:


Not only are pesticides applied to the skin of apples, but the pesticides also penetrate the skin and are absorbed inside the fruit.

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Average harvests of conventionally grown tomatoes are often sprayed with 30 or more pesticides. Like the apple, these harmful chemicals are absorbed by the crop.

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Celery draws liquids and toxins from the soils, which then attach themselves to the vegetable.

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Some peaches have been found to carry up to 53 pesticides, which often leach through the fruits thin skin.

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Strawberries are sprayed with more pesticides than any other fruit, many of which are known to cause cancer.

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Cucumbers are often prayed with at least 50 different pesticides. 19 of which are known to cause cancer and nerve damage.


Vineyards are notorious for being heavily sprayed with pesticides such as Monsanto’s glyphosate.

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Non-organic nectarines are loaded with a variety of harmful chemicals that often permeate the fruit’s skin.

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You can add kale and lettuce here too since they are grown in identical conditions. But spinach in particular is sprayed with the most pesticides of all leafy greens.

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Appealing to insects for their sweet juices, pears are typically sprayed with 30 different pesticides.

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11. CORN

Organic corn is almost impossible to find. But if you can find it, buy it! Did you know 95% of all corn grown in the United States is genetically modified?

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Carrots are known for their ability to absorb minerals, that's one of the reasons they are so beneficial to your health. They also have the ability to absorb massive amounts of pesticides and heavy metals from the soil.

Be sure keep your eyes open next week for part 2 where we expose the conventionally grown fruits and veggies that are 100% safe to buy.

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